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When it comes to developing interactive content for eLearning, H5P is fast becoming one of the most exciting open-source solutions.

So whether you’re new to H5P or you’ve recently started to use the tools – here’s how to use and create H5P content.

Introduction to H5P What is H5P?

Interactive Content

Easily create interactive content for your website or classroom with H5P.

40 Content Types

H5P offers around 40 different content types to choose from.

Free and Open Source

H5P is free and open source, so anyone can help improve it.

H5P stands for HTML 5 Package. Each H5P content type is simply a collection of HTML, CSS and Javascript files zipped together.

H5P makes it easy to create interactive content by providing a range of content types for various needs. Preview and explore these content types below.

You can create interactive content by adding the H5P plugin to your WordPress, Moodle or Drupal site, or integrate it via LTI with Canvas, Brightspace, Blackboard and many other VLEs that supports LTI integration.

H5P’s can also be embedded onto any website simply by pasting an embed code.

H5P Content Types

H5P Content Examples

H5P Accordion Example

H5P Advent Calendar Example

H5P Agamotto Example

H5P Arithmetic Quiz Example

H5P Audio Recorder Example

H5P Chart Example

H5P Collage Example

H5P Column Example